Crafting with a LOT of kids

Thanks to being a stay-at-home mom with a sister in town who can watch my younger child, I’ve been able to volunteer in the classroom for my 1st grader. And when fiber came up and the kids responded positively, the teacher nominated me for craft educator 🙂 We figure it’s got hand-eye coordination along with fine motor skills.

So that’s roughly 7 kids at a time trying to crawl in to my lap and grab all the supplies. I’ll admit that the first couple times left me completely wipe out on the couch, staring at the ceiling.

But then we got in to a groove, and they realized that seeing me meant craft time. Here are the most popular crafts we’ve done.

We started with knitting spools and progressed to making our own! This remains one of the most popular and each of the kids seemed to grasp it.


They also really enjoyed basic round kumihimo with 7 threads and 8 slots.


This one has gone over so well that several parents have told me that they have gotten extra yarn and when the kids are bouncing around crazy, they hand them a disc and get them to focus a bit.

In a week or two I’m going to introduce the half-round on a square with 8 threads that gives you an arrowhead or heart in the center. Note that I do all the prep work, including loading up the yarn. It’s a bummer they don’t get to pick their own colors, but if they did, we’d spend a month as they went through the yarn.


We tried some weaving with paper at Thanksgiving and our teacher laminated them in to placemats. I used brown mats and red & yellow cross pieces for the final product. Though I provided some pink, blue, etc. for the kids who wanted to get crazy.


Continuing the weaving theme, because a few had just a little bit of trouble…


I made some hand looms with 5 warps. This had the added bonus of the kids being able to use a bunch of the short pieces of yarn that the teacher had on hand.




Sock Knitting Mojo

As I continue to slog through my Granito sweater by Joji Locatelli, I’ve started dream knitting some socks. And I looked at some of my favorites to get ideas of what I should be knitting, when the mojo comes back.


Notice they are all ankle socks.

Starting with the rainbow pair at top, I like the round heel.

I like the sibling/not identical’ness and the pink/green combo.

I love the Star Wars reference.

The fit and sibling-ness of this pair is amazing. Plus, I love the Kroy I used in the one sock.

The cable on this purple pair is just enough to mix up the vanilla.

Again, green and pink, plus sibling-ness.

Not shown are my pair of Opal socks that I’ve darned a number of times. Those were my first socks knit on 0’s and used the Fish Lips Kiss heel. So many good things to try and incorporate in my next socks. For me!


I try not to knit every gift. Especially now that my children and their friends are getting older and don’t necessarily appreciate hand knits. But some kids do. We’ll be attending a Princess Tea in a few weeks, and having knitted for the birthday girl’s mother and had those gifts stolen (a bat and a ghost), I figured she’d be the kind of kid who liked knitted gifts. So I checked in with mom about her current favorite animals (my own kids like list and have first, second, and third favorite animals. For one that is Panda, Koala, Seahorse and Dolphin & the other is Snow Seal, Penguin, Fox). This little girl likes cats. Perfect! I’ve knit a cat before.IMG_20170203_072521_medium2

And while the pattern was cute, knitting toys, I’ll have to admit, is not my favorite. So I turned to crochet. I followed a super cute little pattern for a bunny, planning on making the ears shorter and more pointed.


Objectively, it’s not terrible, right? But my husband says it looks like a bear. And it’s just not…quite. Right?

Besides, I was hoping to fit it into a mint container similar to the bears I’d made before.

So back to the drawing board.


And I’m so glad I did. This time, the crochet went much better. I hailed back to the basic shape of the Dumpling Kitty.dumpling

But smaller. And I added some accessories. And I LURVE IT!