Socks on the Go

All summer I’ve had some tube socks on the go for my 4 year old. This is leftover yarn. Or yarn that was intended for something else. Or perhaps it was yarn that got used and frogged. I honestly can’t remember. But now it’s tube socks. Because yarn is good at eventually telling you what it wants to be.


Go to the beach, they said

Santa Barbara is a beach town. And generally a pretty moderate one. Locals are known to complain if it’s “cold,” which means below 65F, or “hot,” above 75F. During Labor Day weekend we had temps in the 90s all weekend, and most homes don’t have AC, so we’re all melting.

Now, I’m an inside girl. I like to knit. I like to crochet. I like a roof over my head. I’m not exactly in to the sun, if you catch my drift.

But we headed to the beach anyway. Because it’s hot and it’s supposed to be cooler 5 miles away near the water. We hit a locals beach and trekked down about eleventy majillion steps.


At least this time I had on a tank top instead of my usual black hoodie with the long sleeves. Like I said, it’s been hot.

But I’ve been off, so while the fam trekked around, I sat my butt on a piece of driftwood and contemplated my toes.

And then the clouds rolled in and it got pretty cool and felt really nice.

IMG_20170903_144847 (1)

And then suddenly it DUMPED WATER ON US. I mean, thunder, buckets, crazy amounts of the wet stuff. So we high tailed it back the umpteen bajillion steps, across this field, wherein my 40 year old ass hit the mud (now I love action/fight movies & like to pretend I’m strong and tough, but seriously, if you knocked me over, I’d stay down. I slipped in mud and I’m going to be sore tomorrow, I can already feel the aches today).


Christmas is COming

Christmas is coming. And before Christmas comes Christmas Cards. And another year of making hats for my sister’s kids. Last year’s hats didn’t make the cut for the cards. Despite their awesome .gif. We all agreed that the most popular hats have been animals, particularly these penguins (and one panda).

So I used a basic beanie pattern. And added some embellishment.


Michael’s had some acrylic on sale. 90 yards for 99 cents. And some weird scrubby yarn from Red Heart.

Plus some Wool Jewel podcast to keep me company.

IMG_20170825_121153288Crochet, crochet, crochet.

Et Voila!



Never say Never

IMG_20170802_122033603 I’m a longtime fan of slow fashion and repairing clothes. Particularly repairing clothes. But I always swore that I wasn’t going to fix underwear. Underwear could get tossed, I wasn’t going to repair holes. No, thank you. Not gonna. Rather wear none-derwear.

And then this latest pack of undies is super comfy and I like the way they fit…but they keep getting holes. I’m not sure if it’s silverfish or naughty dog. But these little holes keep showing up. I’m not going with “it happens in the laundry,” which is my husband’s favorite refrain.

But I’ve started doing some repairs. One pair got flowers. This one has little pairs of straight stitches. Kinda cute. And I still have well fitting undies for now.

That’s the face of evil. Underwear chomping evil.IMG_20170803_193110830