Spinning Update

I’m continuing on in my attempts to spin different fibers. Above you can see Superwash Merino on the Dreaming Robots Electric Eel Wheel Nano 1.0. Targhee on the drop spindle. And kool aid dyed Superwash Merino with stellina from Webs on the bobbins.

I also tried Rambouillet fleece that I washed (ish) and spun on a drop spindle. Got this from the SB Fiber Arts Guild annual sale. (Had this not been this year, I was thinking of joining.)


I did a bit of shopping on Etsy. I acquired some LongWool in that weird mustard color (I was hoping for a dijon/pink/green blend. It’s not that). It’s not my favorite, though I’m glad I got to try it.

And some Corriedale, which is toothier than merino, but that color, right!

I’ll admit that the original Superwash merino from Direful Yarns is still top of my list. I’d ordered some seconds/ends and it was delightful fun.

Though now that I’m able to spin finer, I would like to try the Targhee again. It seems like a good cross between toothy/workhorse and softness.

Mellifont Cowl

It’s a small step, but I moved my free Mellifont Cowl off of Ravelry and to this website. I loved Ravelry and everything it has done. Unfortunately I am one of the people who get eyestrain and migraines from using the site. I’ve mostly mitigated that by changing to dark mode, but the fact that every individual user has to do that is a real problem, particularly from a site known for inclusion.

Check out the pattern if you haven’t!


The first time I used this pattern to make masks, it took me more than week and left me exhausted and in tears after each session.

This time it took me 90 minutes to make three + serge a gaiter for my husband. I think some of the difference was in experience having done it and worn them.

But there was definitely a part of me that liked injecting a little more personality. These were made from embroidery I’d done and set aside, not sure what to do with.

Ply, Ply Away

Turns out, plying yarn is WAY harder than spinning it in the first place.

It doesn’t help that the first bit is the best practiced end of the bobbin. And as you go on you move towards the bits you did as a newer spinner and they’re super wobbly and thick-and-thin. But I kept going. And got two bobbins worth of 2-ply.

The husband and I dug through the garage and came up with some wood for a last minute niddy noddy. Which I wound the yarn on. It’s a 18″ niddy noddy. Which I made 22 wraps on. So 1584″ or 44 yards. I tied it off and am soaking it, per this blog.

Not sure what I can make with 44 yards, though I’ll check Ravelry, filtering, of course, for…Aran? I mean, it’s Aran in parts and maybe Sport in others. I’ll let you know.

Electric Eel Wheel Nano 1.0

With the advent of the EEW Nano 1.1 this spring, the Nano 1.0 dropped in price to a place where it was within my budget. After drop spindling for most of shelter-in-place, it seemed like a logical and cost-effective upgrade.

Not me.

So far it’s been a pretty good learn. My first bobbin is so-so, and the Big Little’s bobbin is looking good.

And as things move along, of course we are already looking at modding the thing. One of the first things I want is a bobbin with a hole so I don’t have to tape the lead yarn. That feels a bit ridiculous. Plus, I can put my name on it. I’m also curious about changing the tension wires, having an orifice reducer with a wrap for the loose fiber, and maybe a tensioner knob.