A little bit of grey

IMG_20180820_203349 I may have overestimated the amount of grey Mighty Stitch yarn I would need for the holiday hats. I figured on two hats per ball of grey. Making 8 hats, I got 5 balls. The extra one for the tufts as ears.

There are the beginnings of five hats in that photo – pink, yellow, light grey, pink, green. Know how many balls of grey I used? Not even one. There’s enough left to start the sixth hat.

Gonna have to find some grey projects.


Mini Sweater #3

Mini sweater #3 is a top down raglan with a v-neck. I used scraps from my stash that I acquired after my aunt’s passing. I hope she’s looking down and smiling. I shortened the sleeves since I wanted the stripes to at least somewhat match up and I was running out of yarn. But my model Maddy doesn’t seem to mind. Plus, with all the Santa Barbara weather, it’s not like she needs too many full length sweaters.

I’m really excited about sweater #4, the steeking one!

18″ dolls

My girls have finally become enraptured with the 18″ dolls. That’s “American Girls,” which when I was young were fun, historical books and a slightly expensive doll. And has expanded to REALLY expensive dolls and a ton of accessories.

We’re going the opposite direction Isobel is a thrift store find. Maddy is from Michael’s (thank you, 40% off coupon). And their clothes, beyond what they came with, are from Mama’s fabric stash.




Maddy and her options.


Isobel all dressed up.

Mini Sweater Challenge #2

I started the second sweater of the Mini Sweater Challenge. This time I went with a superwash wool in sock weight, specifically leftover yarns. This one is a top down, turtleneck with fair isle (I think).


I think if I did it again, I’d use a solid instead of a lovely variegated. Much as I love the variegated yarn, it sort of gets muddled in the sea of yellow in the sweater.

Still, Green Panda (his eyes, not his self) seems to like it well enough. Thank goodness knitting stretches and that toys don’t complain when you pull stuff over their head.


It has begun




It has begun! The annual “making of the holiday hats.” We’re up to 8 at the moment. 2, 4, 5, 5, 7, 7, 10, 12.

I have the feeling that certain youngsters are going to be out-growing the tradition, so maybe next year’s will see a decrease in production.

I’m starting this year by making the 8 hats, then I’ll do the embellishments – 16 eyes, 16 iris, 16 tassels, 8 beaks.

Musings on Instagram


I very much enjoy Instagram. I like the pictures. I like the snippets of verbiage about people’s lives. I don’t generally follow personal accounts of my IRL friends, I mean, that’s what Facebook is for, right?

So most of the accounts I follow are hobby-ists, pugs/pug people, or businesses (large and small). And while I’m perfectly content to see someone’s kid in the back of their small business product photo, or to notice that someone is knitting on vacation, or that a pug just got a human sibling…I seriously do not need to see every vacation photo, nothing but pics of kids, or photos of things that have nothing to do with pet or hobby.

I curate (I mean, how cute is that word, it always makes me think of small plants) my photos. And I try to make sure there is at least one hashtag that relates to the point of my account.

  • #knitting
  • #crochet
  • #yarn
  • #pug
  • #chug
  • #santabarbara
  • #garden
  • #notafoodblogger (my personal favorite and for all that hobby baking I do)

Do you have a social media strategy? Does it matter if an account stays focused?