The Little Little and I had a playdate while the Big Little was out. We made Marzipan! Technically, we made two batches. I made the first one from this more traditional recipe the day before. Sans rose and adding vanilla. Since it had chilled overnight we could pull it out to play with while batch two that Little Little made chilled.


It was sweet, but cut down nicely when we dipped it in dark chocolate.

The second batch didn’t use an egg white and was WAY sweeter and softer. Next time, we’ll stick with batch #1, we liked it a little less achingly sweet. Plus, making little marzipan figures from two batches took us past the 1 hour mark and our energy was flagging.

Pug remains unimpressed.

Slow Progress

After a devastating mis-start on the sample knit for Frame & Fiber where I kept telling myself the “patterning” would start any row, only to finally realize that my brain saw the knit, knit, knit, purl and translated it to stockinette. Argh! I had to pull out a lot.

That’s not supposed to be stockinette.

Then, temps in Santa Babara were running in the 90s. In October. Ugh.

But back on track! The color is most like the one on the right. A mossy green from Cascade. Here’s hoping the Veronika Cardi gets finished this year.


I make a concentrated effort to be positive online. But this company has shaken me. I signed up for a free trial membership. And a month before my free trial ended, they charged me.

I tried to take it up with PayPal. No go.

I tried taking it up with CreativeBug. I used their form letter. No answer after a few days. I emailed. And again. And a third time. I Tweeted. And I Facebooked. No answers.

Don’t sign up for CreativeBug. They have some cute classes, but honestly, I never did use one and I, literally, paid for it.

Oh no! No no no.

Over the summer I finished my Campside Shawl. And I loved it. Love the color, loved the eyelets. Loved loved loved.

Unfortunately, the yarn was given to me. And it wasn’t superwash. But I’d repeatedly heard “You need heat and friction to felt something.” And the shawl got soaked and smelled terrible. So I put it in the wash. You see where this is going.


Need to find new, superwash, dk yarn.

Calle Noguera Ponchette

Guys! My Calle Noguera Ponchette is live on Ravelry! Please go click on it, page views help patterns show up in the “hot right now” list, which helps them get more views, which gets them on the hot right now list, and on and around.

Calle Noguera is a child’s ponchette, basically a short poncho or a shoulder shrug and is knit from the bottom up using a worsted weight yarn in an open texture.