Helix Knitting

Helix knitting is a fancy way to get stripes without having to twist the yarns, without having a jog, all while sounding super fancy and technical.

My new pattern features helix knitting. I’m hoping to launch it mid-October, email me at gmail if you’re curious to pattern test for me. The goal is less than a single skein of the main color sock yarn plus a mini skein, or bit and pieces of leftover projects in the same weight.

In order to do 2-color helix knitting, you use your Main Color (MC), variegated in the pic above, and knit around.

When you’re back at the beginning of the round (BOR) you add your contrast color (CC), the lime, this end will need to be woven in later.

Knit around, stopping 3 stitches before you reach your main color again (there’s no magic to the three, 2 and 4 or 5 are also nice numbers).

Now, you DROP your CC! Right, no twisting, no worrying. Then simply slip those three MC stitches from the left needle to the right needle.

Pick up your MC again and start knitting. Stop when you have 3 stitches of the CC color left. And drop your yarn.

Slip the 3 stitches of the CC color from the left to the right, pick up the working yarn, and knit around.

Keep repeating until you are at the desired length!


Knitting Styles

I have the worst time remembering knitting styles. But I found a Very Pink video that describes the top 6. And based on an Edutopia Video about drawing being an amazing helper to learning by addressing kinesthetic, visual, and linguistic learners, I decided to add some sketches to help my memory.

IMG_20190725_124857     IMG_20190725_124901

Pugs & Patterns

I saw on our local Nextdoor site that someone was giving away what looked like a giant dog playpen, and with camping in our future, I thought it might be a good place to stash the fur kids for a few moments.

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. We have three dogs.

Ol’ Georgie Girl chilling in her tent.

Meanwhile, back on the needles, I’m working on a scrap based cowl ๐Ÿ™‚ It features a non-cable and a little bit of striping in helix.


IMG_20190901_111442Took our younger set, Maggie & Alfie, to the new Dog Park at Mackenzie. They weren’t entirely sure why we had taken them someplace with dogs, they’re not entirely sure they like dogs. Plus there were no couches.





But this Spaniel realized I had treats. Her name’s Sophie and she was good hanging with the people. Who had the treats.


And we met Gus, who is a white pug but is actually a pug/Boston Terrier mix. He was 5 months and very sweet and running around trying to see what was going on.


Then we spent a lot of the rest of the day like this, because dogs are exhausting, Mama.


Store Update

I now have 4 patterns live on Ravelry! So far all for dolls, but don’t worry, I have a child’s poncho/cowl in the works and an adult cowl stewing. I’ve got a current goal of 2 patterns/month.

My patterns:


I freaking love this picture. The light from our living room windows is amazing.IMG_20190813_130614.jpg

The Aspen Street Sweater & Aspen Street Legwarmers are my first paid patterns. I kind of love the sweater on and am debating if it would be worth the investment in yarn to make one for me.


I had a lot of fun coming up with a “photoshoot” for the Presidio Doll Poncho. The chickens were mostly obliging and “Maddy” was very brave posing with them ๐Ÿ˜‰






00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190815142004409_COVERAnd the Ribbed Doll Sweater is, I think,ย  a great pairing of yarn with a simple stitch.

Dolls have been a great start since their apparel is small enough for me to work up a couple samples on my own before I call for testers. I’m having a good time with this!

Visible Mending

Visible mending continues to be an obsession. Not for the least of reasons because I’m a total klutz.

These jeans started as a visible mend on a tiny little hole I caught going over the fence. Then I just sort of turned them in to art jeans. And then I was going over the fence again yesterday…


To explain, the fence is about 2 feet high and is used to keep the dogs out of the garden. But I got to work and disguised it as much as possible while repairing.


This one isn’t as smooth, but I couldn’t find the sticky back repair fabric I’ve used on other things. But amongst all the thread, I don’t think the repair is all too obvious.

Change of Pace

IMG_20190816_064920I took some time away from the blog for some summer revelry and relaxation. And then I decided to try something new! I’m designing. For dolls. At least for now. The dolls are one size, my kids can get involved, and the projects are quick enough that I can knit a couple samples.

My first pattern, Ribbed Doll Sweater, is live on Ravelry!




I’m using knitonepugtwo designsย for my shop name. I realize doll sweaters have a limited audience, but they’re a great intro to sweaters and a learning experience on construction.

This pattern was only tested by me. But I’ve got another in the works with a tester. And I’m hoping to release two at the beginning of September! And I’m working on something for both a child and their doll!

I’m also trying to add helpful tips to my designs, things a beginning knitter might not think about. Like using VERY different types of markers when knitting lace.


I’m also using links in the pattern, should you download it as a pdf, so it’s easy to understand terms like “back join.”


Let me know if you’ve taken a look at my pattern or are interested in test knitting!