Long Live the King

My Jackaroo Cardigan is in the process of being frogged. Ribbit. Sadly, my skills & maths are just not up to a pattern that is done in pieces & sewn together right now. It’s really too bad as I’ve heard such good things about Amy Herzog. I knew for awhile that it wasn’t working, but I kept knitting, hoping some miracle would happen. It didn’t. And when I put the fronts & back together I knew there was no hope. But I kept it on the needles for a bit longer, did a few more rows of the sleeves.

IMG_20140923_141931226 There’s just no way that that is going to close in the front. And unless I’m knitting a sweater designed to be open, it should close.

I’m going to attempt a knitbot pattern by Hannah Fettig instead. It’s called Calligraphy and is one I’ve had my eye on for awhile. I really like what Susan B. Anderson did with the pockets and may try that, too.

I may, unfortunately, need to order a few more skeins of yarn from Knitpicks. I’m debating getting them in a different color for a touch of interest. Maybe just the pockets and sleeve ribbing?


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