The beat goes on

I finished an itty bitty pair of Turkish Bedsocks by Churchmouse Yarns. Superfun pattern and just the right heigh for slightly cool California weather. These are a child’s 11(ish). The yarn is some CoBaSi. I liked it. I’ll be curious to make a pair for myself and see how they feel. But the colors are beautiful and very happy making. These were made following the pattern, but leaving the side stitches live and then k2tog rather than binding off & picking up.


For the next pair I intend to try casting on the entire ankle & then leaving the instep stitches live while working the others around the foot. Plus, for an adult foot I like extra rows of height.

Also, I received some birthday sock yarn from Fab Funky Fibres! It’s self striping (love) sock yarn that I heard about on the Knitmore Girls podcast. Leroy is a fabulous model, and he is compensated fairly.


I haven’t wound the yarn yet. So in the meantime I started a Rustling Leaves beret by Alana Dakos. I bought the Coastal Knits book while she visited town & have been slowly making my way through the book. Or trying to. I’m using Oink yarns, and I’m not sure I love it. The yarn is super splitty. But the colors are lovely. Loop & Leaf was excited by the yarn. But, as mentioned, I have mixed feelings. I’ll reserve final judgement until I finish the hat. And hopefully I’ll finish it this time. I’ve attempted the hate before but got a bit bogged down by the charts. Stockinette is pretty much my limit a lot of days. Enjoying the ribbing so far šŸ˜‰


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