Eastern European Knitting – how the stitches sit

There are a lot of different styles of knitting and most of them involve knitting through the “front” loop. Usually that’s the leading leg. Eastern European, however, has the “back” loop or leg leading, and that’s the loop you knit and purl through. I’m finding that it is especially common among knitters who started with crochet.


And this can’t be confused with Combined Knitting, well explained by Annie Modesutt, which seems to involve purling through the front, leading leg.

For Eastern European knitting I insert my needle (the project, btw, is Alana DakosPerennial) through the back, leading leg.


I then wrap the yarn clockwise, if you are looking down from above, around my right needle.


And pull the new loop under the left hand loop on to the right needle, removing the left loop from the left needle. New stitch made!IMG_20150207_191540109

For the purl stitch, I come around behind the back leg, insert the needle from left to right, wrap yarn clockwise, pull it under, pull the left stitch off.IMG_20150207_191738164




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