Dropped Stitch

While working on my Calligraphy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, which I am so looking forward to finishing and wearing (next December, which is our one month of winter on the Central Coast of CA). The yarn is a worseted weight washable from Knitpicks.

At any rate, I’m done with the body. All I have left is 2 sleeves & 2 button bands (and, if I follow advice from the Knitmore Girls a grosgrain ribbon backing for the buttons).

I’m heading down the left sleeve, past the decreases and on to the straight before the ribbing. And I’m turning and petting and knitting and turning. And ‘lo!


That is a dropped stitch.


And another view. So annoying. I’ve been knitting, knitting, knitting and that darn stitch has been lurking. Hiding. And, I’m sure, giggling and laughing about its free status.

IMG_20150212_201939997So I grabbed a crochet hook and picked stitches up for, let me count, over 45 rows of very tight ladder. At least I caught the darn thing before I was wearing it, right?


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