I fell in love with Hunter Hammerson’s Plicate hat. It’s one of her older hats, but I just loved the simplicity of it. I didn’t realize before I bought it that the pattern repeats around the hat. I didn’t like that so I threw it out and only did one repeat of the hat.


Per my notes on the Ravelry page: I am rather torn about this pattern. On the one hand, I love love love the finished hats, even my altered version. On the other hand, the pattern is quite expensive (for a hat) and IMO leaves some things out – like suggested needle size for the different weights and overall suggested heights for the hats, instead assuming you are going to do a gauge swatch and already know how tall standard beanies are. These things aren’t deal breakers for making the hat but do take it beyond “beginner” or “advanced beginner” that it should be based on the simplicity of the design and chart reading. The designer does help in giving different options for different yarn weights, which is nice, and also provides charts for each stitch-per-inch option. I missed it in the description, but the pattern is only charted. It’s a nice, simple chart, good for practicing/getting started, but the pattern is not written out.

All that said, I liked it enough to make it again. Only this time I wanted the cool pattern to stand out even more by having it be a different color.


It took a lot of stops and starts to get the twisted stitches to work correctly knitting back and forth. I had to practice on scrap yarn because everything that I did un-twisted the stitches. I finally managed it by removing each stitch and manually twisting it before knitting it.


I would then get to the color change and I would wrap the stitch before turning, each time knitting one stitch farther into the pattern section. The complications were totally worth it. I LOVE this variation of the hat.


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