Vogue Knitting Live, Pasadena

I’ve never taken a knitting class. I was a crocheter from about 6. My initial foraIMG_20150418_114502219y into knitting was being given a lesson by my aunt. And then there was several years dormant before I picked it up for real. But I decided to take a class by Susan B. Anderson at Vogue Knitting Live, Pasadena (I could do it as a daytrip).

I’ve used Susan’s Itty Bitty Hats book for a decade – as reference, as ideas, as primer. And I love her website and blog. I referenced her patch pockets tutorial for my own Calligraphy Cardigan.

IMG_20150418_084812047So I decided to take her Little Dragon class. I could have figured it out on my own. But it was cool to have a knit-a-long with this group of women. And also hear the tips and tricks from the designer herself.

I would definitely do a class again! Though next IMG_20150418_115116155time, rather than project based, I might try to pick a technique I’ve struggled with or wanted to try instead of going solely on the teacher (though I might make an exception for Lara Neel & a sock class, but that combines teacher & interest. Come to think of it, so did Anderson & dragons).

IMG_20150419_075644838IMG_20150418_173007217I really enjoyed the location for VKL. Pasadena is both beautiful and a do-able day trip. But I think next time I would consider either a destination trip and/or Stitches West (not a day trip). The marketplace at Stitches is so much bigger, the freebies are more plentiful and better, and the variety of “must haves” were more in line for my wants. Still, I came home with one beautiful skein of self striping sock yarn to use. And I got my measurements taken in an effort to help my sweaters fit better.

One thing I did come away with is a sudden urge to knit more toys. Particularly the bedtime puppies from Itty Bitty Toys.


I also have a confession to make. As I was leaving class I went to throw away my garbage (wrapper, scrap bits). And I totally dumpster dived this bit of yarn. There is likely enough for a hexipuff! Why would anyone throw that much away?!IMG_20150418_120453935


One thought on “Vogue Knitting Live, Pasadena

  1. Great recap! I went to VK Live when it was in San Mateo and while I didn’t take any classes, I wondered why they decided on that location when Stitches West is so much bigger.

    I chuckled at your confession – My knitting friends are now pushing all their bits and pieces toward me since I started making hexis.


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