Flash your Stash

I’ve seen several threads on Ravelry talking about “Flash Your Stash.” Showing both the yarn you have and how you store it. While I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by my stash a bit, I realized I don’t really have that much. The left photo is my sock yarn & sock yarn leftovers in the corner cabinet, the bag on top is my precious YOTH from the Never Not Knitting Store. I did get to add a couple of full skeins thanks to a friend. Though at least one has been earmarked for a hat.

The right picture is a 5 gallon rubbermaid tub that holds my leftover bits of other weights.

And the bottom right is a sweater’s worth of yarn that has been naughty and is in time out.

I do have to admit there is one more tub. But I don’t count it as my stash. It’s someone else’s stash that she’s no longer using so I gave it a home. That’s not real stash, right?

The husband and I were debating a lovely storage shelf. Something akin to the X cross wine storage you see. But my stash is mostly made up of odds and ends rather than beautiful whole skeins, hanks, or cakes. I’m not sure it’ll work. For now, this’ll do. And I’ll continue thinking on better storage.


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