Other Creative Outlets

September302015820MermaidLargeFiber arts really are my specialty. Though I’ve become a decent hand at recreating other pieces of art, particularly coloring pages. And I can trace like nobody’s business! But I’ve always rather regretted my lack of drawing, painting, sketching skills. And then a local business opened called Painted Cabernet.

They basically combine all the happy montage elements of painting from the movies (friends, wine, bright colors, music) and take out all the messy parts (clean up, set up, stress).


This is my third painting, but the first one I’ve done alone. There are definite benefits both to going with a group and to going alone. Right now, alone fit my mood. It was pleasant not to have to make conversation, though I did channel my inner Victor Travis (two friends who can enjoy themselves no matter the situation you plop them in to) and plastered on a Mona Lisa smile (instead of resting bitch face) and chatted a bit with the people directly around me.

2 hours passed in a breeze. And I modified the artwork to fit my life.IMG_20160204_184431942





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