Stitch Dictionary Review

Despite knitting for more than a decade at this point, I’ve never been one much for stitch dictionaries. I follow patterns and pick up new stitches that way & have been quite happy with the results.

Until now.

The Knitmore Girls have discussed their carefully curated library, including stitch dictionaries. Up to this point, I’ve tried to limit the books, mainly to Alana Dakos, Hannah Fettig, & Susan B. Anderson; and a handful of magazines, mostly Interweave Knits. I prefer single patterns I know I’m going to knit (so much regret over patterns I buy and don’t knit!)

But I checked out “Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary” from the library. And I’m in love! I find myself picking it up and flipping through it. The directions are clear, and as the title states, they give them for top down, bottom up, or even knitting in the round. Highly applicable for knitting hats & socks!

IMG_20160224_135826402_HDRClearly George is not as thrilled about stitch dictionaries as I am.

I really want to try a few, particularly on hats for the Down Cellar Studios Gift-a-long KAL. (Most of my socks are vanilla)

I appreciated the fact that the book is “tabbed,” sort of. Each section is color coded, so it’s a bit easier to find what you’re looking for quickly. And the addition of a section on designing is available at the back of the book. While writing patterns doesn’t hold a huge interest for me, I would like to be able to fit a stitch pattern into a hat pattern.

Another perk is that the book looks hardbound, but once you open the front cover you find that it is actually spiral bound, so each page lays open flat.

Part of me wants to add this to my shelf right now. I love the layout, I love the chart & written instructions, I love the spiral binding. Two things are stopping me: 1. It’s the first stitch dictionary I’ve really reviewed and 2. I love the library and can check it out again anytime!

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