Ennui Update

Well, would you look at that. I wasn’t suffering from ennui. I was just regular ol’ sick. Struck down with a fever. The only hobby I participated in was shivering under some blankets. Bleh!

As I started to feel better I began work on my linen socks, which aren’t going that well. Turns out where I thought linen would have little stretch, there’s about 20% less stretch than that.


Couldn’t even get that sucker over my foot. That hasn’t happened with a sock in years. I’ve got fluffy ankles (11″ ankle, and that widest part from heel to top of foot is 14″), and I know that, so I usually have it compensated for. But linen’s lack of stretch. Whew!

Try #2 is going to involve something a little more like the infamous “Grandmother’s slipper” shape. So more of an envelope over the foot and then closing down where you can feel the toe bones separating out into toes. I’m playing with it. I’d like to keep it in stockinette and fairly smooth rather than floppy since the goal is to wear these in some sort of shoe.

I’ve also been working on some gift crocheting for BlogHer in August! Not sure how many knitters/crocheters I’ll meet there, but I’m excited to learn things about blogging. And I’m giving my friends who are going a little care package. This secret is going in one.


I’m also trying out some new podcasts as I work. This one is LegacyKnitz. I’m not committed yet, but the ladies are pretty funny. And it’s nice to have some fiber in the background while I knit or crochet.



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