The linen sock. Of doom.

linens (1)

I’m still not enjoying this sock. I want to enjoy this sock. It’s grey & yellow, which is obviously a great color combo, it’s everywhere right now. But it continues to just annoy me. Part of it is the linen yarn, it’s just not that great to knit with. And part of it is that socks go so much slower on size 0/2mm needles.

You can see in the picture that I bound off the middle six stitches on what is now a toe up sock. The fit isn’t bad at this point. And this should go on & off my foot, which is a good feature in a sock. And I don’t mind that bit of garter. Except that the garter should have gone across 18 stitches, not just the center 6. I was trying to be fancy and wanted a smooth gradation up from the 6 stitches to the 6 stitches on either side. Except that’s way to fancy for this practice sock. And yeah, only doing one at this point.

So last night I pulled out the needles and carefully re-inserted them just below where I started the garter. This time with the 18 stitches in garter. I’ll still lose the center 6 but I’m hoping that doesn’t make a terrible look.

I’m going to persevere. There may ever only be one sock if this linen continues to fight with me. but I’m gonna get through this.


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