Personal Gauge


I read a really neat blog post over on Fringe Association the other week; it was all about your personal knitting needle gauge.  Or put another way, your dessert island needles? Maybe iceberg knitting needles?

For me, particularly because of where I live, and the types of projects I like (hint: socks), I tend towards smaller gauges. I’m also a pretty loose knitter, which means I generally go down a size or three on most projects. So my range for knitting needles would probably be a 0-6, with 6 feeling huge. I can use larger needles. I have used larger needles, particularly for felted projects or blankets. But 0-6 is a good range, & if I could only have one, I’d go with a #3. I’d still like to have circs & DPNs. I can knit socks on circs but I don’t enjoy it as much, so I’m generally a DPNs girl. But you can’t lose the circulars since that holds really well for things like shawls.


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