That Glass

Everyone has a glass like this in their house, right? The one the whole family wants to use? The one guests are inexplicably drawn to?


For us, it’s this converted Nutella container from, I think, Italy. (Or France?) It was a gift from my sister after her grand tour of Europe. There’s always a small moment of glee when you open the cupboard and realize you get to drink from the glass.

And Nutella containers in America are boring old plastic. (We’ll get to my love of anything that comes in a tin and how hard I have to fight myself not to keep every single one some other time.)

But I have a friend who is heading to Switzerland for a family visit. I offered up socks in exchange for her bringing me back a container (some containers?) of Nutella in glass jars.

Seriously, socks. I’ll admit it helps that she wears a size 6.5 US. I might have had to question my decision if she, too, was in the Sasquatch club. The last pair I made of those that weren’t for me were for the woman who convinced me to make sunscreen a part of daily life at 18. I credit her with helping me keep my skin all nice for the past two decades.

And now you know my price. Delicious nutty chocolate in a keepsake glass.


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