Someone on Instagram mentioned wanting to see more about my tools after I posted a picture about my hated locking stitch markers. They’re terrible. Every second or third one breaks as I try to lock it. And the colors are lame. I thought that would be a great tag for the blog and some posts!

You can just see some of the hated locking stich markers here. This project was also bumming me out because of the melange of stitch markers. You see, I love the idea of fancy stitch markers. And I do often like a small fancy one for the start of the row, particularly if I’m going to use multiple markers; I want one fancy and the rest plain. And by plain I mean jump, not split, jump rings. I’ve been using, I think, 12mm.IMG_20160503_140411863

I picked up some 10mm at Michael’s this morning. Now I feel better about this project.IMG_20160505_131339154

I will also say that I’m not completely opposed to fancy progress keepers, though I’ve only recently come around to using them.

So that’s my bit on stitch markers. Despite having made a few beaded ones, and contemplated some fancy ones with wood, I usually prefer plain jump rings. Though I hear there are anodized jump rings.


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