It’s not you


I have really, really wanted to cast something on with this skein of Little Brother from YOTH. It’s a lovely dark grey. I picked it up on a trip to Never Not Knitting’s little shop in Atascadero.

But nothing seemed right or fit my temperament & plans to wear it. The color is fine, though maybe not super special. But I didn’t really want socks with this because it’s fantastic to the touch.

I tried a Brake Cowl, which is  a lovely pattern & fairly simple. But a cowl feels like it needs a little pop in the color department. Something fantastic other than “soft.”

So I’m gonna try again. This time with a Sockhead hat, but with maybe a little less brim. Face it, with annual weather that basically ranges from the 50s (freezing) to the 80s (melting) I just don’t need a second layer of wool around my noggin. That first layer, yes, of course, did you not see the freezing temps in Santa Barbara 😉

I’m relieved that breaking up with a pattern or yarn, even on a temporary basis, isn’t as hard as breaking up with a person. What was the last pattern you put on time out?

P.S. this is the pattern I went out and bought more jump rings for so that all my lace stitch markers would match!


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