Black Sweater


I have been working on a black sweater for the better part of the year. In fact Ravelry says my Burnstown Cardigan was started in December! Yikes. It’s not for me. It’s for my husband. A black sweater for my gorilla-armed husband. Not for me.

Next time I’m marrying a T-rex.

The body of the sweater sailed pretty smoothly. The increases at the start of a top-down sweater are generally interesting and I confess to being a lover of stockinette. I like the look, I like the soothing rhythm. I even like the chance to purl occasionally (though stockinette in the round, like socks, ahh…so good).

theblacksweater (4)

But once the sleeves started, did I mention gorilla? The sleeves took for-freakin’-ever. My husband, armpit to wrist measures 24″ That’s 4′ of sleeves. And I decided to add a little extra so the sleeves wouldn’t pull up too much. So…52″ of sleeves.

The one real change to the pattern I’m making a difference to the shawl collar.


I like the look of linen, but it’s not the softest to the touch and I hate doing it. Hate. I did a baby blanket. Hated it. Wrist cuff. Hated it. So I made it a super squishy garter stitch.


And after almost 6 months, I finished the damn thing! I even mattress stitched the sleeves since I’d sewn them flat.

Check out all that fawn pug hair all over that handsome sweater.


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