When do you give it up?


At what point do you give up on darning socks? I like to darn. I’ve admitted it here before. I’ve also given up on a few pairs that had been darned multiple times or that the socks had other problems that didn’t lend themselves to being salvaged.

These socks, though, are in otherwise good repair. Just a bit of pilling thanks to cashmere content & the hole that appears on the ball of my foot.

I still contend that my US Women’s 11s fit better into my own socks than in to even “extended size” commercial socks. Those all wear at the toes. These just show I’ve been moving around a bit.

I think twice. Twice may be my limit. If I had to add a third color I’d probably bin these. You? How often would you darn your socks?

Do you prefer to duplicate stitch or to weave back and forth to repair the hole?


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