The Ravelry Disagree


Without a doubt, Ravelry has been one of the biggest boons to yarn-craft in ages. It’s pattern compilation, pattern purchasing, notebook for tracking your projects, and the forums for help from other knitters! I, and other knitters and crocheters, have been able to connect with each other and go beyond the out-dated “not your grandmother’s craft” (seriously, when do these people think you learn to knit and crochet? When you get an AARP card?).

One continuous note of discontent remains the “disagree” button. It can mean anything from “I’m in a bad mood” to “I don’t like this poster” to “this doesn’t belong here” or even “the third word in the fifth sentence slightly disgruntled me.” Heck, I’ve clicked it accidentally while scrolling on my phone. And unless a poster fesses up, unnecessary, you may never know why someone disagrees with a post.

I do understand why that can be disconcerting. Heck, I made a recent post about going to BlogHer16 in August asking if I’d see any other knitters there. I posted in “Loose Ends,” which is the catch all of the “Big 6” boards. At last count I had 217 views. 2 people clicked funny, 3 clicked disagree. What do they disagree with? Me looking for other knitters? Me looking for knitters at a non-knitting-centric convention? Do they just not like me?

Know what? I don’t care. I shrug and move on. Neither the “funny” nor the “disagree” button does anything for anyone other than the person clicking it. It’s not a reflection of me or my question as far as I’m concerned.

But if you happen to be heading to Los Angeles for BlogHer16 – let me know! I’d love to meet up with some other knitters & crocheters.

And if the “disagree” or any other button bugs you? Go in to the Forums, click on Settings, and unclick any button you don’t want to see!


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