A review for Summer

I follow some amazing designers over on Twitter & Instagram. This is a fantastic day & age when you get to interact, often one on one, with people you admire. The other day while scrolling through beautiful photos, interesting words, I see a call for review of a new pattern set release.

And suddenly I turned in to Hermione Granger! My hand shot in the air, excited for the extra homework, I mean chance to review a new set of patterns from the minds at Knittin’ Little, whose adorable tots pop up on my feed regularly.


This collection of 7 knit patterns from seven designers, all for your wee ones, Knittin’ Little Summer 2016, covers the bases from sweet tiny accessory to full on pullover for a cool evening catching the last of the summer rays hitting the beach. And the cute is solid on both boys and girls, a tough mark to hit when knitting seems to be full of frills and ruffles for the feminine set and a lot of stockinette for the masculine. There’s even a shawl for mom!

This is the Coastal Local hat (newborn through kid, fingering weight) & the Horizon Pullover (sizes 2012, fingering weight). That whale motif has popped up in home goods, trucker hats, and even the jewelry I made earlier this summer. I am itching to cast on!

All of the patterns stick to lighter weight fingering or sport yarn, often in a cool summer cotton.

As the mother of two young girls, I could easily see my younger in a yellow version of the Little Joy (sizes 6 months – 12, sport weight) and my older in the Summer Sunset (sizes 0-3 months – 10 years, fingering weight). Both of these will be going on my ravelry queue.

The patterns in this collection are available on Ravelry for $5-$6 USD each or on the Knittin’ Little website. Because you can purchase them separately, I’d say if you have littles to knit for, have a look! These are so much fun and you’re likely to hit on one that is just right for you!




3 thoughts on “A review for Summer

  1. I have no knowledge of knitting whatsoever, but I can give you a bit of Dory advice.
    Just keep swimming. or knitting, or just turn it into bows for packages and realize that the perfect yarn will turn up one day and you don’t want to have your head buried in yarn that is sucking up your time when you could be dancing with the best darn yarn in the world. Much peace to you .


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