What does it want to be?

I bought some Knitpicks tonal fingering weight yarn for my birthday. In 2014. It was supposed to grow up to be a cardigan. While I love the look of pullovers and the knitting of them, it’s just too hot here even for a fingering weight wool pullover (learned that lesson on the much loved Olive pattern, which I’d still like to re-knit, I just love that collar).

I first tried to knit an Impromptu. But that wasn’t working. So I tried a Decimal. No dice. Then I picked Grace. That hummed along for a bit but I couldn’t quite make it with the mesh.

I really wanted a new cardi to wear to BlogHer16 in August.


But it may not be in the cards. This yarn may simply want to be broken up into multiple little projects instead of one lovely cardigan. It makes me so sad. I’m not sure whether to push through or to give up. Right now it’s in time out. Again.


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