Scanning through one of the many articles that pops up on SheKnows Media, who put on the BlogHer event, I came across an article about splurging and what women splurge on. I like the term splurge. Though now I’ve typed it a few times it sounds weird in my head and maybe a little dirty. Still. The word itself implies less bad feelings than “guilty pleasure.” Because most pleasures aren’t things you need to feel guilty about (I feel slightly guilty not sharing the last bit of ice cream with my husband). But splurging seems to imply that you’re maybe spending a little more than most people might, but that you aren’t sending yourself into bankruptcy for a treat.

I’m generally careful with a budge and the more grown up and adult I’ve become the more I like to save. To put off and make do. I’ve always enjoyed mending. And I like old things. My dresser was my mother’s. Our headboard was re-made from bits of our wood ceiling. Our desk is a Craigslist find. Not to say we don’t have new things, but re-use is high on our list.


See that corner of desk above the pug?

And treating myself has become more important since quitting my job and becoming a mother. My “me time” is shorter. And knitting is more important. It centers me, grounds me. I don’t like yoga. And weight lifting has to be done at the gym. Even wood working & sewing are limited by the machinery. But knitting? I can do that in the car. On the couch. Walking around Home Depot.


Being the do-it-yourself types, this is our family’s second home

While I buy yarn that I like, I don’t often truly blow the budget. I’m frugal by nature. And I’ve started really considering what I want. Both in my knitting and in my home. That gorgeous variegated skein with all the colors may be gorgeous, but I’ve yet to be 100% happy with a knit up item out of one of those skeins.


That yarn is pretty, but is it me?

I much prefer self striping or tonal finished objects.


Purples and pinks may not be me but the mix is fabulous and subtle. Me? Not so much subtle.


Self striping & geeky? BB-8 on my feet!

I think my frugality has stretched my creativeness. And it allows me to splurge on the tools, yarns, fabrics, woods, and new hobbies that really appeal to me. And I don’t feel guilty about being a creative person with a lot of things rolling around in her brain just waiting to get out of her finger tips.


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