BlogHer is Over

IMG_20160806_100032I’ve been home from BlogHer for a few days now.

And first, no, I didn’t knit during the event! I focused on talking to other bloggers, talking to company reps, being with my friends. And it was awesome. Didn’t hurt that my knitting mojo was on a major hiatus thanks to burnout.

Speaker Highlights:

Party/Event Highlights

  • A last minute shout out on the app helped us attend the Herbalife party. While I’m not sure I’m sold on the product, the party was low key and overlooked a celebrity 3on3 basketball game. Clark Gregg from Agents of Shield was playing!


  • Screening of Tig Notaro’s new show “One Mississippi” had me in tears.
  • the GoRVing party was awesome because of the people I hung out with and getting to play a bit inside the trailers.

Fellow Bloggers!

  • Tabitha Black – just a comfortable person to be around, even in silence
  • Pocketful of Joules – who is so sweet and demure looking and who has a mouth like a sailor and rocks an anecdote
  • Outrageously Wonderful – so thoughtful and made it a point to hold on to some pug pins for me!

Things I was less thrilled with

  • The breakout sessions missed the mark for me. I was dissapointed in the knowledge base of several of the speakers and felt like others were only there to promote their own site.
  • There weren’t a lot of brands for my niche market.

Things I learned


  • Not sure I want to monetize this particular blog. While I might, in the future, consider adding some ads that benefit me, I write knitonepugtwo for myself first. Making some non-money benefits like yarn, craft tools, or friends is definitely more the highlight.
  • YAYAYA Reads could become more and while monetary compensation would be awesome, the first goal is still getting more exposure to different books.
  • I’m friendly and willing to chat with people. Age and experience have cancelled out some of my inherent embarrassment about who I am and what people are thinking of me.
  • I’m leaning towards a bit more writing, possibly guest posts on other blogs. I need to make an effort to post on places like the BlogHer community.
    • I filled out the application for the Foodstirs Baking Square
    • I need to follow up with The Snoring & Sleep Apnea Center about ghost writing blog posts
    • I emailed Knock Knock about possible future guest posts (hopefully she’ll forgive me for misunderstanding and thinking she wanted to post on my blog, though to be fair it could have been me writing a review of her product
  • So very glad I brought a permanent marker to write down a brief note about where I met and chatted with people or why I wanted to follow up.

Summary? Going again would, for me, depend on the location and keynotes. But the weekend was amazing. I met some really cool people and came home relaxed, packing some cool swag.


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