A little too relaxed

Around here we’ve dubbed this “The Summer of Suck.” Nothing major has gone down, yet. But it’s been one straw after another and the camel is looking pretty fatigued. BlogHer helped me feel a little better about the onslaught, but the kicks just keep on coming in the form of earaches colds, poop, and things breaking.

School starts next week and I’ve been doing a bit of coasting in life. Going along with other people’s plans and just trying to make it through.

But BlogHer did repair some of my knitting mojo! Before I left I’d frogged everything I tried. And I didn’t knit a stitch while I was at the event. Since returning, though, I’ve made progress every day on my Doodler shawl by Stephen West. It’s a pattern with three (or more) colors that I’ve admired since the first finished object popped up (it was originally a mystery KAL).


The four colors I had to choose from

I’ve been pretty monotonous, I mean monogamous, with this project, which doesn’t make for great blogging but has made for a calmer me.


Boring the chug


Watching the She’s Crafty Videocast



Watching Cupcake Wars


Watching knitting on Slow Tv


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