Bad Mom

One of the ripple bonuses of attending BlogHer this year has been the occasional email reaching out to talk about mutually beneficial opportunities.

A few weeks ago a rep for ThinkJam got ahold of me and asked if I’d want to watch the movie “Bad Moms” in exchange for a blog post. Uhm, yes please! I even had the perfect opportunity – my 40th birthday craft night! Except, of course, that being moms meant there was already too much on all of our plates. So instead, I watched the movie in mini-segments during quiet time. Ha! At least I got some knitting in.


I had fun giggling to myself during the movie as I finished these bats for my girls. I’m definitely in the Bad Mom camp!

“Bad Moms” the movie is from Universal Home Entertainment and is available on Digital HD now and Blu-ray / DVD on Nov. 1 if you want to catch up with the exploits of Mila Kunis as the titular misbehaving mama of the movie and Christina Applegate as her too perfect to be perfect nemesis.

Since we’re just starting on the school path with a kindergartner this year, I can definitely see myself falling in to some of the traps of trying to be everything to everyone – though the art department on the move is way better at school crafts than even my Pinterest enhanced skills can match.


Check out the movie and some of the party games – assuming you can spare a moment from those perfect children of yours. Is it bad that the full-time-at-home Kristen Bell is the movie mom I most identified with?


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