You should do that for a living!

Any crafter is going to hear, “You could totally sell those!” at some point. Usually it’s simply a compliment on your work. Occasionally someone has dollar signs in their eyes where you, the crafter, gets to use their amazing idea and they collect a “brilliant idea” fee off of all your amazing craft money.

But here’s a breakdown of why I don’t (usually) knit/craft for money; as well as when i will craft for you.

There’s a really popular series of hat/cowls that pop up on Facebook and pinterest. Adorable bear/fox hood things.


And it’s really adorable. I mean look at that kid. I’ve even made this thing. And I don’t look so terrible in it, either.


It’s not a hard knit. But since I was making this for a friendly acquaintance (one of the girls who watched my kids at the gym) I purchased the pattern. $5.50

She bought the yarn, that’s two skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease, roughly $5. There’s $10. I happened to have a bit of pink to use in the inside of the ears, but if I hadn’t, that would have been another $5. So now we’re up to $15 for yarn.

Let’s discount the needles, stitch markers, project bag, tape measure, knitting ruler that I have in my arsenal (and the 10+ years experience in knitting & 25 in crochet).

That hat took me two evenings. Whoa, fast, right? Except I mostly worked after the kids went to bed. And that’s 8 hours(ish). California minimum wage is $10.50 (assuming I don’t need health insurance, lunch breaks, etc.) So my 8 hours of work is worth $84 of my time.

$15 supplies + $84 of time = $99.

For a hat. You willing to pay that? This is why it’s a hobby.

Which is not to say I won’t knit for people. I knit for people I love. I’ve made my husband 3 sweaters. 5 if you count the number of times the picky man made me rip them out. I’ll also knit or crochet my children pretty much anything they ask for.

I knit for birthdays. I knit Christmas hats for all the children in my family and my sister’s family and her extended family. As PROPS for photos.

I’m adding in “donating to school” to the list. I’ll also, obviously, craft for them in other ways that might help fundraise.

And I’ll barter my skills for some of yours that are interesting/fun. A friend of mine went to France. I offered her (she wears a size 6) a pair of socks if she brought me back a decorative glass (filled with something nosh worthy).

Will I ever knit for money? Occasionally. I found someone on Facebook making the hat I mentioned in a child size for $25 and adult for $35. That’s $10 to $15 in yarn money. If it was for an extended friend, though, I’d probably just send them to Knitpicks  to buy the yarn and have them throw one or two sock yarn skeins for my boat feet in the cart before they had the supplies shipped to my house.

You’d be amazed how many people no longer need  something knit after they have to put the bare minimum of effort into purchasing the yarn and getting it to me. Though if they do, I sometimes get to knit/crochet something I wouldn’t normally, like a Ninja Turtle Tooth pillow.

So will I knit that for you? Maybe.


3 thoughts on “You should do that for a living!

  1. I don’t knit for pay ever. My financial advisor asked if I would knit her a scarf. Something small that would take maybe 8 hours. I told her that I would charge whatever she makes an hour for the labor plus the cost of the yarn. She said never mind:) And totally got my point.


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