New Year, New Ewe

Yeah, it’s not exactly “new” anymore, but it’s still not 2018, so there.

This year Actually Knitting, a podcast I really enjoy, audio only, is hosting the “New Year, New Ewe” podcast. It runs until March, so there’s still a bit of time to find a “new to you” aspect to your knitting. I’ve mentioned here before, I’m not huge into setting actual goals with my knitting. It’s my hobby, and I’m more of a “as the fancy strikes” type of knitter (along with quotation marks, thank goodness I’m not talking to you in person or my fingers would be exhausted from all the rabbit ears.)

All that said, I do enjoy learning new techniques, so long as they are relevant to me. (AKA, you’re not seeing me knit brioche because I don’t plan on using that technique in my normal knitting). But Petite Weaver, who hosts a video podcast, had a tutorial about the Slip Knot Cast On. I tried it last year but wasn’t able to make it work. So it’s my new technique on an “old” hat, the Baa-able,” this time in more muted colors and with a dog.

On the left is my hat, it uses a Twisted German Long Tail Cast on. On the right is the new slip knot cast on. Nice.




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