podcast roundup

I love podcasts. I love having someone discussing yarn and knitting and other crafts while I’m sitting and working on a project. But I’ve learned that there are things I do and don’t like when I listen to a podcast, which makes me picky, and has turned me off some rather well known podcasters.

Specifics I like:

  • two person podcasts (like Knitmore Girls! audio) Having another actual person to bounce around with can make the podcast more interesting.
  • A cute theme and some un-craft related stuff at the end (Actually Knitting audio discusses food & running, while Purl Bug video talks about her life in general)
  • A seriously outgoing personality (Keena of the She’s Crafty video podcast is in your face, loud, and unabashed)
  • Highly amusing (Fat Squirrel Speaks  video cracks herself up and invites you to crack up. She admits some of her stuff is ridiculous,tells you not to judge, then admits she doesn’t care if you judge).
  • Be knowledgeable about what you speak but know that others are experts too! (Andy from Andre Sue Knits  video is AMAZING)

A few things that make me turn off a podcast:

  • Flippantly dismissing problems others have because the podcaster has never faced that problem. Yes, this happened on a well known podcast and makes it really hard for me to watch her anymore.
  • Excuses. I get reasons. I understand podcasters don’t get paid. But sounding whiney throughout the podcast has me hitting pause and unsubscribe.
  • Not knowing anything. This is kind of particular to me. I know several podcasts are about learning and the knitting journey. And while I think it’s exciting when a podcaster and I can learn something new together, for me, a total newbie has to have some seriously compelling topics.
  • Go on forever. Seriously. I listen to and muck through a lot of podcasts. I often don’t see why they need to be more than 20 minutes. a 90 minute podcast?! I don’t listen to people I love talk for that long at me. (Cultivate & Create does a FANTASTIC job of sticking to about 20 minutes audio)

And a few others that I’m watching/listening to:

  • Stringing it Together video This is a new one to me. I’m not 100% sold but i’m giving it a few more trys.
  • Petite Weaver video Annie is a prolific knitter, tries new things, and intersperses her podcasting with how-to videos.
  • Susan B. Anderson video Not regular, but c’mon, it’s Susan B. Anderson! She of the sweaters, the toys, and c’mon, it’s Susan B. Anderson!
  • Down Cellar Studios audio Jen knits, crochets, designs, and hosts some long running KALs
  • Stitch Addiction video Super mellow, gorgeous yarn
  • Brass Needles audio Irregular right now but sci fi & knitting, thank you.

I’ve thought about starting my own podcast. But I’m not sure I could manage the regularity, the wit, or even the interesting topics that I myself crave in podcasts. Do you have a podcast? Care to share?


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