On Gift Giving

I love giving gifts. I like ferreting out just the right thing for the recipient. It’s a challenge. My philosophy used to simply be “Get them something they want but would never get for themselves.”

But I’m having to refine that idea. For my husband, I pick out what I want to get him. Then I email him the picture but don’t buy it. And that’s the end.

SeattleTripDay5 (140).jpg

That’s some funny beer I wouldn’t buy him.

For my best friend, I’d been using the afore mentioned technique, but I am now going to alter it per her preferences and buy strictly off her wish list.


My sister likes well thought out themed gifts from her interests (Harry Potter, fantasy, etc.). And for my father I tend to look for consumable stuff that won’t clutter his life.

Man, it’s tough being a good gift giver.


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