It’s over?

When I started this blanket, I had a couple of ideas “sketched” out. I think it’s pretty obvious which I went with. Though now that I’m done…

I kept re-counting what I needed as I neared the end of my Purple Flower blanket. 3 years. More than 200 hexis. Several different G hooks dug from the depths. Countless project bags, some stashed in the car for emergency fiber.purple-flower-done-blanket (6)

And thankfully I mostly stitched them on as I went. I only had the final 20 to do as the last go. On the floor. purple-flower-done-blanket (1)

It’s not quite the size of a full size bed. But it’ll fit nicely in the dinette/bed of the trailer.

purple-flower-done-blanket (2)

I did debate a border. I swam through similar projects on Rav. It does add a finishing touch. But it’s not THAT much better. so I decided to forgo it.

purple-flower-done-blanket (3)

And of course, as soon as I clipped the last tail on the last hex? “I wonder if I should start another that goes better with the interior of the trailer?” Three years and that’s what I thought?!


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