Macy Cowl

Sinclair Patterns put out a call for testers for a new cowl neck tank. I’m a recent Instagram follower of the brand and was all over the chance to try a new pattern on my serger. Plus, tank means no sleeves, woot.


I thought I had enough black to make a cool evening tank. Unfortunately, it turns out I overestimated the amount of jersey in large pieces. But! I had grey & black in similar weights. And ta-da! A color blocked tank was born.


I love the neckline, and it has its own lining, which is pretty sharp. There’s binding on the back of the sleeves and neck but not the front, because of said lining. And despite instructions, I wanted to use my serger for EVERYTHING. And I managed it for all but the bottom hem. I also lengthened the pattern, though I probably didn’t need the 5″, closer to 2″; the pattern was designed for someone 5’6″ or under.

I’m definitely thinking about making this in a brighter color. My wardrobe is getting a little “Queen Victoria”-esque, post Albert.

Oh! And I realized that being able to read my own knitting makes it way easier to tell the “wrong” side of jersey from the “right”. I can also tell that I sewed the black sideways. Oops.


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