Helix Knitting

Helix knitting is a fancy way to get stripes without having to twist the yarns, without having a jog, all while sounding super fancy and technical.

My new pattern features helix knitting. I’m hoping to launch it mid-October, email me at gmail if you’re curious to pattern test for me. The goal is less than a single skein of the main color sock yarn plus a mini skein, or bit and pieces of leftover projects in the same weight.

In order to do 2-color helix knitting, you use your Main Color (MC), variegated in the pic above, and knit around.

When you’re back at the beginning of the round (BOR) you add your contrast color (CC), the lime, this end will need to be woven in later.

Knit around, stopping 3 stitches before you reach your main color again (there’s no magic to the three, 2 and 4 or 5 are also nice numbers).

Now, you DROP your CC! Right, no twisting, no worrying. Then simply slip those three MC stitches from the left needle to the right needle.

Pick up your MC again and start knitting. Stop when you have 3 stitches of the CC color left. And drop your yarn.

Slip the 3 stitches of the CC color from the left to the right, pick up the working yarn, and knit around.

Keep repeating until you are at the desired length!

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