At a glance

IMG_20160811_080819totoro (3)

Hi, I’m Krista. I’ve been crocheting since I was a child; I started with chains made from entire skeins of Red Heart and progressed to blankets & free style wearable pieces. In my late 20s knitting finally clicked & I’ve been increasing my skills. Socks are no problem, hats, especially novelty since I live on the central coast of California, and even sweaters.GnomeGnome (8)

I own a chug & 2 pugs – Maggie, Alfie, and Georgie Girl. We had to say goodbye to the best pug
ever, Leroy, in September 2016. The dogs are both my frustration & my joy. I used to love riding around town in my British Racing Green Mini Cooper with the white bonnet stripes but had to join the SUV brigade in order to do kid hauling.

You can find me on Ravelry, Instagram, & Twitter as knitonepugtwo. Or you can email me at gmail, knitonepugtwo.

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