Heart Hat

Although I’m in no rush to write patterns, I do kind of love doing a drawing and making it appear with my hook!



I try not to knit every gift. Especially now that my children and their friends are getting older and don’t necessarily appreciate hand knits. But some kids do. We’ll be attending a Princess Tea in a few weeks, and having knitted for the birthday girl’s mother and had those gifts stolen (a bat and a ghost), I figured she’d be the kind of kid who liked knitted gifts. So I checked in with mom about her current favorite animals (my own kids like list and have first, second, and third favorite animals. For one that is Panda, Koala, Seahorse and Dolphin & the other is Snow Seal, Penguin, Fox). This little girl likes cats. Perfect! I’ve knit a cat before.IMG_20170203_072521_medium2

And while the pattern was cute, knitting toys, I’ll have to admit, is not my favorite. So I turned to crochet. I followed a super cute little pattern for a bunny, planning on making the ears shorter and more pointed.


Objectively, it’s not terrible, right? But my husband says it looks like a bear. And it’s just not…quite. Right?

Besides, I was hoping to fit it into a mint container similar to the bears I’d made before.

So back to the drawing board.


And I’m so glad I did. This time, the crochet went much better. I hailed back to the basic shape of the Dumpling Kitty.dumpling

But smaller. And I added some accessories. And I LURVE IT!

Christmas is COming

Christmas is coming. And before Christmas comes Christmas Cards. And another year of making hats for my sister’s kids. Last year’s hats didn’t make the cut for the cards. Despite their awesome .gif. We all agreed that the most popular hats have been animals, particularly these penguins (and one panda).

So I used a basic beanie pattern. And added some embellishment.


Michael’s had some acrylic on sale. 90 yards for 99 cents. And some weird scrubby yarn from Red Heart.

Plus some Wool Jewel podcast to keep me company.

IMG_20170825_121153288Crochet, crochet, crochet.

Et Voila!



It’s over?

When I started this blanket, I had a couple of ideas “sketched” out. I think it’s pretty obvious which I went with. Though now that I’m done…

I kept re-counting what I needed as I neared the end of my Purple Flower blanket. 3 years. More than 200 hexis. Several different G hooks dug from the depths. Countless project bags, some stashed in the car for emergency fiber.purple-flower-done-blanket (6)

And thankfully I mostly stitched them on as I went. I only had the final 20 to do as the last go. On the floor. purple-flower-done-blanket (1)

It’s not quite the size of a full size bed. But it’ll fit nicely in the dinette/bed of the trailer.

purple-flower-done-blanket (2)

I did debate a border. I swam through similar projects on Rav. It does add a finishing touch. But it’s not THAT much better. so I decided to forgo it.

purple-flower-done-blanket (3)

And of course, as soon as I clipped the last tail on the last hex? “I wonder if I should start another that goes better with the interior of the trailer?” Three years and that’s what I thought?!

Exciting Weekend

We recently had a really exciting weekend (exciting for us, and also relative to all of March and the horrible Influenza A we got despite all having our annual flu shots. And yes, we will continue to get flu shots).

Our family  has been working on restoring a 1965 Field & Stream Camper Trailer. we purchased it two years ago on slightly more than a whim. And since then it has resided in more or less pieces in the drive & garage. And we only have a one car garage.

How, though, does this relate to fiber arts? For one, it’s back together enough that I can now craft at the dinette table. It’s like a little clubhouse in the front yard. That little scramble of a project is the start of a Boo the Bat inspired stuffy for the Legacy Knitz Podcast Stuffy KAL. I’m going to do two, as they are pretty small. And one shall go into my gift box for the 12 Months to Christmas KAL for the Down Cellar Studios Podcast.


And, two, because my job is holding & pushing & more holding, I’m sore in places I didn’t know you could be sore, which makes it hard to knit or crochet!IMG_20160402_095150239_HDR

But wait! There’s more! I also received an awesome prize from YarnPop! I entered a giveaway on Facebook (blech, Facebook) and won. Quite a surprise, especially considering HOW MUCH I won.

And you know what looks good in a vintage camper trailer? A Yarn Pop bag filled with your husband’s black sweater. Yup.