Visible Mending

Visible mending continues to be an obsession. Not for the least of reasons because I’m a total klutz.

These jeans started as a visible mend on a tiny little hole I caught going over the fence. Then I just sort of turned them in to art jeans. And then I was going over the fence again yesterday…


To explain, the fence is about 2 feet high and is used to keep the dogs out of the garden. But I got to work and disguised it as much as possible while repairing.


This one isn’t as smooth, but I couldn’t find the sticky back repair fabric I’ve used on other things. But amongst all the thread, I don’t think the repair is all too obvious.

After a break

Summer has hit in Santa Barbara, and this year we are hitting record temps. And before anyone from the midwest, or Vegas, or anywhere that is predictably hot starts laughing, Santa Barbara doesn’t, as a rule, have air conditioning in the houses. So the dogs and I are laying on the floor in 100+ degree temps (that’s 38C) trying not to melt. Our house is mostly concrete, so it stays cool for the first day, and if it cools off at night, we’re good. But if it doesn’t cool off at night, each consecutive day provides less relief.

All that said, hot temps and wool socks, yeah, no.

I’ve switched to embroidery a bit. I’m a terrible sketch artist, so I’ve been utilizing other people’s wonderful drawings. There’s a lot to be found on Pinterest.



I used Etsy to find that lovely woman with the skull. Alifera has a ton of really beautiful, unusual work!

And those succulents are from a larger drawing, and I grabbed my three favorite succulents.

A little stitchin’


I’m really enjoying some embroidery lately. The lightbox helps and takes some of the pain out of transferring fun patterns on to fabric. And this all one color flower display sits so well with me.

Even got my sister in on the action and she made a little, happy book. I’m thinking she needs to turn it in to a pillow or the pocket of a bag.