Socks on the Go

All summer I’ve had some tube socks on the go for my 4 year old. This is leftover yarn. Or yarn that was intended for something else. Or perhaps it was yarn that got used and frogged. I honestly can’t remember. But now it’s tube socks. Because yarn is good at eventually telling you what it wants to be.


La Purisima

We headed up over the hill in to the Santa Ynez Valley the other weekend. Sadly, no wine tasting (though I prefer Paso Robles for that anyway). Our destination was the La Purisima Mission for some mild re-enactment of the “days of yore.”

They were supposed to have sheep shearing! Unfortunately, according to the docent at the Visitor Center, they couldn’t find the sheep. Uh…

At any rate, we did get a chance to feel some un-treated wool and even to try some carding. That was hard work!

And then we went inside the cool adobe buildings to see a giant loom and spinning wheel.


Definitely worth a trip to the past!

On the way out, of course I had to stop in La Tienda. I may not be much of a shopper, but it’s like “pouring one out” for my mother.


Yarn Pop!

A bit over a year ago, I won some Yarn Pop Bags on a Facebook giveaway they held. I’d admired these bags for awhile. Made in the USA, they have some really nice features, like a light interior so you can see into the bag, big zippers that don’t get kinked, and really fun fabrics. I was thrilled to receive my bags (they no longer have the blue design on mine).


So when they put a call out on Instagram  to see if anyone would like to do  a fun video or two showcasing what we use the bags for, I thought, “Cool! A bit of cross promotion and I get to see if videos are a place I want to be.”

Here are some of the unedited videos. I’ll put the final edit that Yarn Pop made in another post.

A little dye

I knit my friend’s mother a Starshower scowl/cowlette from Hilary Smith Callis, and while the color was not up my alley, the shape of it is amazing.


But I’ve seen some really gorgeous multi-color ones. Almost like gradients (BTW – did you see that Knitpicks has some new gradient sock yarn?). And I loved them. And I want my own. So I bought some mini-skeins at the Fiber Frolic, grabbed some Wilton Dye, and heated up the pot in my kitchen. The colors aren’t perfect, but I’m pretty happy and am looking forward to them drying so I can knit another scowl.