Easter Morning

Around here we celebrate Easter as a secular holiday where magic bunnies deliver brightly colored eggs full of candy.


The dogs are all in favor of this. As well as the fact that the patio table is low enough that their short little legs have no trouble hopping up to check out the goodies.

And since E.B. left a few brightly colored eggs on the grass…


Oooh, what is this!



Wait, is anyone watching?




Make a break for it!


(Note that the candy left out where any canines can reach it is gummy type, all chocolate is stored in Easter Baskets out of dog reach.)

A Me Topper

IMG_20170104_153919.jpgI’m not a designer, but I do love this little hat I came up with. Actually, it’s mostly a stitch pattern. And I love the concept, but am still warming to this color combo.

For worsted I cast on 80 with #6, for fingering 132 with #2. Then I increase by 8 after my brim (between 1.5 & 3″ of rib of choice).

And then add a contrast color every other row. K1P1 around, next row knit, P1K1 around, next row knit. Repeat until decreases.


Yarn Expansion

I use a lot of Knitpicks yarns on my projects. It’s super affordable and has some really great color options. But I’ve been trying to expand my yarn use a bit.


I ordered some mini skeins from Knitty & Color in order to make my first Christmas Socks. I’m using the red as the toes, and hopefully either heels or bind off, and the two different colors for a “naught & nice” pair of socks for next year.img_20161219_201908

Also during the holidays, i finished my second socks from Havirland‘s Droid set. Love.IMG_20161213_183702.jpg

And thanks to Knittin’ Little, I’ll be turning this fabulous skein of yarn from Magpie Fibers Swanky Sock in Rhinestone Cowboy into, well, into something ­čÖé

img_20161130_162910-1And last, but not least, I won a fabulous skein of yarn from Woolfiend on Instagram that I’m super excited about.


Here’s to fantastic new yarn tasting in the New Year!

Knittin’ Little

Over the summer I got to review a collection by the group Knittin’ Little. I was certain I was going to cast on the whale hat. It’s adorable! But when I tried, the yarn just wasn’t having it.

Instead I cast on for the Summer Sunset.┬áI had some appropriate yarn in my stash that wasn’t a color I would wear…but also was a bit bland. So I gently boiled it with some Kool-Aid and ended up with a nice tonal yarn.

A little winding and I had it ready to cast on.

The knitting was pretty straight forward. I opted to omit the lace on the front of the tank. And my first time connecting the “sleeves” to the body got twisted and I had to rip out. But it’s a pretty smooth, easy knit.

And it grew pretty quickly.

And went for a bath and then got laid flat to dry. I wove in the ends pre-soak but didn’t attach the buttons.


Et voila!

I used this to participate in the Knittin’ Little Summer KAL and won a prize! I’ve sent off my address and am awaiting my yarn ­čÖé

A little too relaxed

Around here we’ve dubbed this “The Summer of Suck.” Nothing major has gone down, yet. But it’s been one straw after another and the camel is looking pretty fatigued. BlogHer helped me feel a little better about the onslaught, but the kicks just keep on coming in the form of earaches colds, poop, and things breaking.

School starts next week and I’ve been doing a bit of coasting in life. Going along with other people’s plans and just trying to make it through.

But BlogHer did repair some of my knitting mojo! Before I left I’d frogged everything I tried. And I didn’t knit a stitch while I was at the event. Since returning, though, I’ve made progress every day on my Doodler shawl by Stephen West. It’s a pattern with three (or more) colors that I’ve admired since the first finished object popped up (it was originally a mystery KAL).


The four colors I had to choose from

I’ve been pretty monotonous, I mean monogamous, with this project, which doesn’t make for great blogging but has made for a calmer me.


Boring the chug


Watching the She’s Crafty Videocast



Watching Cupcake Wars


Watching knitting on Slow Tv



Our lovely boy, as handsome and grumpy and all himself as he is, is 13-1/2. (pugs live 12-15 years on average.) His body is starting to give out and he’s looking mangier, sleeping more, and is losing control. So we’re in the “manage┬áthe symptoms” of age stage right now. It’s not easy, mentally or physically, for any of us. We’ll keep on keeping on. Loving him and helping him.