Because I’ve been doing a bunch of embroidery lately, the kids have wanted in on the action. My nephew really took his time tracing some flowers to sew. And my daughter is doing her sheep in shades of pink.



00100dPORTRAIT_00100_20180416175728461_COVERShe’s  not the sharpest hoe in the garden, she’s standing on my kale. But she is beautiful in her dotage.

Clothespin Ocean Puppets

You’re into Pinterest, right? I mean, you’re a crafter. And flipping through Pinterest is basically just a treasure trove of ideas. Since I volunteer in my kid’s 1st grade classroom, and the teacher has been awesome about letting me improve hand-eye-coordination and concentration with CRAFT! I look at Pinterest a bit.

We’re moving in to field trips and studying the earth and, specifically, tide pools (thank you, coast of California). So I pinned a few cute clothespin puppets. But I couldn’t find the one that I wanted in a pdf file that I could download! Add to that, the internet at home went down so I couldn’t have printed it if I did find it.

So I did what any craft minded individual did. I drew my own. I’m no artist, but I can copy decently. So here’s what I came up with.

clothespin ocean puppetsclothespinoceanpuppets

Here’s the file:

clothespin ocean puppets

Sweater Prep


I took some measurements for my Carbeth Cardigan! It’s supposed to have 4″ of positive ease, but well, no. I have a sweatshirt hand-me-down that is between 4 & 6″ positive ease and I just don’t like the way it fits. It’s not “cute slouchy” it’s sloppy-ugly slouchy.


2 color brioche

Since I’ve never knit brioche, of course I decided to start the technique with 2 color brioche. In the round.

It took a week.

A week, many re-starts, help on Instagram from Purlbug, help on Ravelry from everyone, help from Unapologetic Knitter‘s great tutorials, and me casting on over and over and over and…finally drawing it out on paper.


That doesn’t look right.

I don’t want to give the impression that brioche is particularly difficult. It’s new, but in general, it’s not much more than double knitting. But combined with the fact that I knit and purl through the back loop, known as Eastern European knitting, it took some tweaking.


That doesn’t look right either.


Taking it back to single color, flat. You can see I was still screwing up at the start, but messed with my YOs and BRK (yarn overs & brioche knits) and that looks way better!


2 colors flat! What what, rock it out.

Basically I had to experiment and read my knitting. I needed to “knit the knits and purl the purls” except I was actually “brioche knitting the slip and yarn over & purling the slip and yarn over.” And I had to sort through when to yarn forward and when to yarn back for my slips.

But I got it, yes I did! My family was confused at my being thrilled, and exhausted, like I’d just run a race. But I was. Because I did it.

Sweater Lust

I’m currently obsessed with two sweaters. The Carbeth Cardigan by Kate Davies Designs.

& the Durumi pullover by Isabell Kraemer.


I’m leaning towards knitting the Carbeth Cardi first. Despite that it’s a bulky knit, a cardigan is more useful in my wardrobe on the California Central Coast. And then there’s the on-going Joji Locatelli Granito that has been on-going for some time. It’s a fingering weight pullover that may never get done (and let’s not speak of the color).


So if I do the cardi, what color? I do like to pile on the knits. And since I tend to wear black/grey/navy/neutrals I usually knit in color (but not yellow, who chose yellow?!). But is that boring? Should I be picking something brighter? Does that limit its wearability. And I definitely like the idea of a capsule wardrobe and not having things I don’t wear.

I’m planning on going budget, so a Knitpicks Acrylic/Wool blend.