I listen to and watch a number of podcasts and have been making a special effort to seek out BIPOC (Black, Indigineous, and People of Color) podcasts. Some of my favorites, please note this is not an exhaustive list and I would love it if you suggested some more to me.

Fiber Video Podcasts

Roxanne Richardson, Watch Barbara Knit, Chevyrell, Flame & Fiber, Silly Fru, Jen ACK Knitwear , Whisky and Wool, Hollywood Knitter, NSP Designs, The Fat Squirrel Speaks, Paige the Framer, Ewe University, Knitting Hook-Up, A Historian Knits, Knitting Vicariously, Potager Knits

BIPOC Fiber Video

Happy to Hook Creations, Quirky Monday, Sew Perfect Purls, GG Made It, Yards of Happiness, The Drunk Knitter, Woolen Forest Knits, Happee Knits, Earthtones Girl, Yarn Bite, Paper Rocks Scissors

Audio Fiber

Knitmore Girls, Very Pink, The Sheepspot, Knitpicks, KinoKnits, Mastering the Knits, F this Knit, The Unraveling Podcast, Salty Jo Knits

BIPOC Audio Fiber

Twisted Stitches,

Other Podcasts

A Way with Words, 60 Second Science, Awesome Etiquette, 20 Minute Delay, By the Book