(cup)cake boss

After watching an episode of Cake Boss, my kid was excited to try her hand at cake decorating. So I got together with my sister and set up a mini workshop for all our kids.

At my husband’s suggestion, we ditched the store bought fondant (up to $17 bucks for way more than we needed) and spent about $4 to make Marshmallow Fondant! Not only did it taste good, but we did ourselves.

Sis mixed up some buttercream, adding color to half, so we had two choices for piping. A nice spring green for “grass” and an off-white as a simple background.

Using the Wilton’s icing dye, we got some good colors on our fondant.


And the kids really took to the notion of edible modelling clay. Making some fantastic creations.


And lest you think “Man, she’s good at everything,” my modelling skills leave a lot of room for improvement. That is one wonky elephant.



I freely admit that I love the show “Cupcake Wars.” It’s not a great show, or groundbreaking. But it’s familiar, pretty, soft. And it’s great background noise. Plus, available on Netflix!

I was watching the other day and one of the contestants made Spinach Cupcakes. And as much as I love spinach, I was doubtful. But I looked up a recipe  I thought I had the ingredients for.

Thankfully I have a sister who is game for my shenanigans. And who has a 48 cup mini muffin tin. Seriously, who has one that large?!

Turns out these are lovely! I think next time I would add a little extra vanilla. But you can’t taste the spinach, though there is a lot. And they have a super lovely color. Two thumbs up!