Scroll Saw Practice

Got in a bit more scroll saw practice over the weekend. Some things turned out better than others. The Octopus, which I loved, got done three times, and each kept losing legs despite the last one being bigger. The wood, poplar, was just not strong enough. I’d like to keep trying but I’ll need to find stronger wood.

The hummingbirds turned out fantastic and I love them both. The narwhal, well, there were two until I knocked the “horn” off one. And the round ones are ok but sort of boring. I think they may need to be bigger for the impact I want.

And the elephant is adorable, but who wears an elephant necklace? And did you see that tiny hedgehog?

I would like to work up a few more designs in my quest for gifts for some nearest, dearest, and nearby friends 😉 I’m thinking I need a sheep outline & a space shuttle outline. And a cat. The chevrons still need a ton of work. STRAIGHT LINES!

I also need to consider going smaller in an attempt to make some progress keepers for knitting.

It wasn’t all wood, though. I got to wind a bit of yarn from Knitted Wit. This was a grab bag selection, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” So there were a number of knots. The socks are knitting up nicely, though. I’m trying lace again; these are destined to be modified River Seine socks. I’m going to do them toe up with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I may throw in an alternate color for the heel from some scrap yarn.