Crafting with Kids

Don’t do it.

And if they are your kids? Really don’t do it.

I have SO MUCH respect for people who can do art with kids. Who can encourage them beyond the fear of “I’m doing it wrong” and get them to just create art. My eldest sobs, wails, and generally just stalls herself unless she knows what she is doing. And it drives me crazy. Because then she does it “her way” and basically crumbles paper and calls it whatever she wants or otherwise makes a mess.

So I put on my buddah pants, and calmly embarked on a felt craft project inspired by these super cute pencil toppers.


A few hints if you simply must craft with your children:

  1. Don’t sit down and expect to do your own project. Not only are you simply going to get frustrated as they stick their jam hands into your stuff, they haven’t seen the years you spent learning to smoothly cut and they may become upset that they can’t instantly reproduce what you did.
  2. If you simply must craft with them, try doing the type of project where you do all the prep and they assemble. Then you are all starting from the same playing field.
  3. Find your inner peace first and try to remember that a lot of this is totally brand new and actually really hard for them! Cutting, knowing which side glue goes, learning that you’ll have more fabric/paper if you cut from the edge instead of the middle.