No Way Sock



I have frogged the linen sock. It was becoming less & less pleasant to work with. And I know, linen softens up after washing to become a delight. But it also stretches. I’d made a bracelet from a cool knitty pattern & wasn’t thrilled.

Plus, I’m trying to pare down projects that aren’t bringing me joy, as well as the over-all WIPs. I don’t mind 2, 3, maybe 4 WIPS (I’m currently at 4 according to my Ravelry page.) but more and I start feeling itchy and like nothing is getting done.

So now the yarn is free. There’s roughly a skein or so of this Knitpicks Lindy Chain left. Do I have options other than some washcloths?

And that bracelet? I snipped the button off & put it back in the button box, used the tag to hang it from the faucet and am calling it a narrow washcloth.