Socks on the Go

All summer I’ve had some tube socks on the go for my 4 year old. This is leftover yarn. Or yarn that was intended for something else. Or perhaps it was yarn that got used and frogged. I honestly can’t remember. But now it’s tube socks. Because yarn is good at eventually telling you what it wants to be.

Slow Fashion October

Fringe Association is hosting Slow Fashion October

.With the notion of “mend and make-do” and repairing your own clothes, I pulled out my darning needle and some embroidery thread to repair some new and growing holes and threadbare spots on my favorite jeans. I also realized I need a small loop for next time.

Thanks to Maggie Chug & Georgie Pug for their modelling skills of my handiwork.

Sewing for Trailers

My husband and I (really my husband, I hold things and make decisions) have been renovating a 1965 Field and Stream Travel Trailer. After 2 years, we’re getting close. The walls are up, the windows are going in. So some of the pretty touches get to go in. That meant some of this weekend has been spent sewing up curtains.

I had help.


Really, they are just big rectangles with a channel for the rod or spring to hold it up.


But they look darn schnazzy in the trailer.IMG_20160904_150918

Knittin’ Little

Over the summer I got to review a collection by the group Knittin’ Little. I was certain I was going to cast on the whale hat. It’s adorable! But when I tried, the yarn just wasn’t having it.

Instead I cast on for the Summer Sunset. I had some appropriate yarn in my stash that wasn’t a color I would wear…but also was a bit bland. So I gently boiled it with some Kool-Aid and ended up with a nice tonal yarn.

A little winding and I had it ready to cast on.

The knitting was pretty straight forward. I opted to omit the lace on the front of the tank. And my first time connecting the “sleeves” to the body got twisted and I had to rip out. But it’s a pretty smooth, easy knit.

And it grew pretty quickly.

And went for a bath and then got laid flat to dry. I wove in the ends pre-soak but didn’t attach the buttons.


Et voila!

I used this to participate in the Knittin’ Little Summer KAL and won a prize! I’ve sent off my address and am awaiting my yarn 🙂

A little too relaxed

Around here we’ve dubbed this “The Summer of Suck.” Nothing major has gone down, yet. But it’s been one straw after another and the camel is looking pretty fatigued. BlogHer helped me feel a little better about the onslaught, but the kicks just keep on coming in the form of earaches colds, poop, and things breaking.

School starts next week and I’ve been doing a bit of coasting in life. Going along with other people’s plans and just trying to make it through.

But BlogHer did repair some of my knitting mojo! Before I left I’d frogged everything I tried. And I didn’t knit a stitch while I was at the event. Since returning, though, I’ve made progress every day on my Doodler shawl by Stephen West. It’s a pattern with three (or more) colors that I’ve admired since the first finished object popped up (it was originally a mystery KAL).


The four colors I had to choose from

I’ve been pretty monotonous, I mean monogamous, with this project, which doesn’t make for great blogging but has made for a calmer me.


Boring the chug


Watching the She’s Crafty Videocast



Watching Cupcake Wars


Watching knitting on Slow Tv

Embroidery, Mr. Robot


Way back in March I reviewed a few books from the library. Specifically, I looked at the Reader’s Digest Complete Book of Embroidery. After thinking about it, checking it out, thinking, needing to reference it, I finally bought it from Amazon.

And usually after I do that the books sit on the shelf untouched. Not this one!


First I referenced it to add an embellishment to the required class project in my 3 week sewing course. Day one was mostly listening plus starting this bag, identical to everyone else’s. My little trio of flowers should help distinguish my finished project. Plus, so cute!


Then, because every knitter feels a compulsion in their DNA to clothe babies, I had to make a baby beanie for a blogging acquaintance. After frogging a baby hat knit on the wrong yarn, I knit up a simple grey beanie. And after searching Pinterest for line drawings, referring to my new favorite book, and pulling out the floss – Ta Da! Adorable baby boy gift.

Colorful Shawl


I purchased some Knitted Wit sock yarn in a grab bag, which means I didn’t get to pick (you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!). That’s ok, I got more yarn for the dollar (yftd ;-)! This yarn is lovely but a LOT more colorful/variegated than I’d normally choose. i knew I wanted a bit more exposure than socks provide, so I tried a Reyna shawl several times – the yarn wanted nothing to do with it. So I switched it up for something similar, the Be Simple.



The yarn’s happy. I’m happy. It’s growing like gangbusters. And the super colorful shawl/scarf should be the perfect air conditioning accent for the mostly black & grey outfits I’m planning on packing (& sewing!) for BlogHer16.