The Ring

My two-color knitting ring from the 3D printer turned out quite useful! And, oddly, I like the weight of the little octopus, it helps the ring not slide around on my finger.

The cowl moves slowly, since it’s really two cowls.


Double Knitting

Recently started a lovely little cowl in double knitting. It’s the Dots inside and out cowl. I’m knitting it in Trendsetter Yarns, which is apparently a Blue Faced Leicester/Cormo blend. It’s definitely a “sticky” yarn, not merino soft. But I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

I’m trying out my knitting ring, though I’m also trying to make a better one on the 3D printer!


Tried to take a video, took a picture.

I’m using Tinkercad to do the designing. It’s a bit of a “dumb” program, but since I don’t usually draft 3D, I’m liking the interface. And I’m using Curio to slice it for our 3D printer.

This isn’t my first foray into double knitting, that came with the Hemisphere Hat, which I knit not once but twice. I’m tempted to do it at least once more since both times it came out quite big.

Back to the project at hand, here’s a clip of me double knitting in an Eastern European style. I am not a combination knitter, I both knit and purl through the back loop. I believe I’m considered Continental since I hold my yarn in the left hand and a Thrower as i do a little flick motion, so I don’t actually have to drop the yarn and pick it up again.


When I knit, I usually knit stockinette. I like the process. I really like it in the round. And I like to wear it. I like the simplicity. The simplicity of the knit, the simplicity of the finished product.

Recently, though, my husband asked me for a knit as a gift for a birthday party we are going to. While my husband appreciated the aesthetics of my knits, they aren’t really his thing. So his requests are few and far between. And I like to oblige. He wanted a hat. Simple enough. Unfortunately he wasn’t taken with the simple watch caps that I showed him.

(Images from Ravelry)

No. He chose the Hemisphere hat. I’ve knit it once before, so I owned the pattern. It’s double knit, two colors. Or otherwise, not stockinette in the round.

And it wrung me out.


It started with picking the yarn. My husband and I did that together and for price meets color, we ended up with some Knit Picks Hawthorne.

Then my husband wound up a ring to try and help guide the yarn better. It worked. But I’m not sure it’ll be a technique I keep around. There were still frustrations, like the ring catching the tail of the yarn as I worked.


Then I had a problem with the increases. No matter what I did it created a ridge on the inside. As a purl bump, it wouldn’t have been a problem as it would have been followed by more bumps. But as it was, it was a ridge followed by smooth stockinette. I finally ended up using Tech Knitter’s one below increase, but as a purl increase, to make the ridge disappear.

Once that was done, I needed more stitch markers. And I wanted to be able to easily tell where I was in the pattern, so I needed numbered stitch markers. Thankfully my sister’s craft closet is even better than mine. Shrinky Dink to the rescue!

Unfortunately, they were too dark once they shrunk 😦

So after several more rounds. I made more.


And then it was just knit. And knit and knit and knit.

And more knit. (& purl)

Until it was done. DONE!

I’m wiped. I’m drained. I’m wrung out. Seriously. It’s gonna be awhile until I knit again. At least until tomorrow.