Heart Hat

Although I’m in no rush to write patterns, I do kind of love doing a drawing and making it appear with my hook!


& breathe

Took a Grinch-y stance on holiday hats (a la the Knitmore Girls) and finished up the Holiday Hats for this year. There are 8 hats. 5 for girls, featuring four different color bows; 3 for boys. These range in size from 1 year old head to adult size.

Since then, Santa Barbara has been in the high 70s and low 80s so there’s no danger of the hats getting worn out until November!

Christmas is COming

Christmas is coming. And before Christmas comes Christmas Cards. And another year of making hats for my sister’s kids. Last year’s hats didn’t make the cut for the cards. Despite their awesome .gif. We all agreed that the most popular hats have been animals, particularly these penguins (and one panda).

So I used a basic beanie pattern. And added some embellishment.


Michael’s had some acrylic on sale. 90 yards for 99 cents. And some weird scrubby yarn from Red Heart.

Plus some Wool Jewel podcast to keep me company.

IMG_20170825_121153288Crochet, crochet, crochet.

Et Voila!



Easter Morning

Around here we celebrate Easter as a secular holiday where magic bunnies deliver brightly colored eggs full of candy.


The dogs are all in favor of this. As well as the fact that the patio table is low enough that their short little legs have no trouble hopping up to check out the goodies.

And since E.B. left a few brightly colored eggs on the grass…


Oooh, what is this!



Wait, is anyone watching?




Make a break for it!


(Note that the candy left out where any canines can reach it is gummy type, all chocolate is stored in Easter Baskets out of dog reach.)

Social Media

I love social media. I like seeing what people are working on. And, bonus, sometimes knitting designers put calls out for patterns that they’d like to have a few more projects on before they put them up on Ravelry. I did this for Knittin’ Little over the summer.

And this time I saw a call from Yarnigans on Instagram and got to knit up a pumpkin just in time for Halloween!


Maggie is definitely improving as a knitting model, but she still needs some work.

Dull but Adorable

Life has caught up with me and blogging has fallen off a bit. But I have still been crafting – knitting, specifically! My sister¬†actually picked the Conversationalist¬†¬†hat pattern for her holiday card hats. But her SiL had a baby this year! So we now need 8 kids hats. And being me, I also decided to knit one for her sister and husband. And while the hat is darling, it’s not the most exciting knit. Or the most exciting progress photos.