Pop Culture MAL

I was planning on joining the A Historian Knits Make-a-long with a Beyonce-inspired hat. Turns out, that’s not what I knit. My yarn wanted to be more Harry Potter-esque. I have had the “Animal Cracker Hat” from the third movie tucked at the back of my mind and queue. And with a bunch of yarn leftover from the Holiday Hats, I went for it.

Something new

It’s been awhile since I’ve learned something new, and though the Two Ewes Fiber podcast¬†¬†KAL is already in full swing, I’m going to give it a go and see how far I get. It’s late October now and I have several projects on the needles, including finishing up a pair of fingerless mitts for the second child. (Not that she hasn’t just got socks and a sweater, but when big sister got fingerless mitts). And a hat. And a cowl. And let’s not forget my Weekender.


I picked up Vanilla Reversed¬†after hearing the Knitmore Girls repeatedly mention Vanilla is the New Black. I was THRILLED that there’s a toe-up version as I hate the fiddly bit of casting on a cuff and quite enjoy the fiddly bit of casting on a toe.

Apologies for the lack of pictures. It’s not quite 7AM.


Mini Sweater #3

Mini sweater #3 is a top down raglan with a v-neck. I used scraps from my stash that I acquired after my aunt’s passing. I hope she’s looking down and smiling. I shortened the sleeves since I wanted the stripes to at least somewhat match up and I was running out of yarn. But my model Maddy doesn’t seem to mind. Plus, with all the Santa Barbara weather, it’s not like she needs too many full length sweaters.

I’m really excited about sweater #4, the steeking one!

Mini Sweater Challenge #2

I started the second sweater of the Mini Sweater Challenge. This time I went with a superwash wool in sock weight, specifically leftover yarns. This one is a top down, turtleneck with fair isle (I think).


I think if I did it again, I’d use a solid instead of a lovely variegated. Much as I love the variegated yarn, it sort of gets muddled in the sea of yellow in the sweater.

Still, Green Panda (his eyes, not his self) seems to like it well enough. Thank goodness knitting stretches and that toys don’t complain when you pull stuff over their head.


Drop it while it’s hot

I’m working on some cabled socks for the #10KstitchesKAL7 (cables or blue). I do mostly stockinette these days, not only does my wonky sleep schedule lend itself to that, but I also wear mostly stockinette. But I grabbed a cable from¬†New Stitch a Day¬†& cast on. And now I’ve perfected my dropping back for mis-crossed cables. Blech. I mean, yay for new skills, but after the first three times, I really didn’t need more practice.

BTW – modifying the cable for in the round looks like this:

Row 1 (Right side) K2, C4F
Row 2 knit 6
Row 3 C4B, K2
Row 4 knit 6
Repeat rows 1-4 until you reach your desired length.