Drop it while it’s hot

I’m working on some cabled socks for the #10KstitchesKAL7 (cables or blue). I do mostly stockinette these days, not only does my wonky sleep schedule lend itself to that, but I also wear mostly stockinette. But I grabbed a cable from New Stitch a Day & cast on. And now I’ve perfected my dropping back for mis-crossed cables. Blech. I mean, yay for new skills, but after the first three times, I really didn’t need more practice.

BTW – modifying the cable for in the round looks like this:

Row 1 (Right side) K2, C4F
Row 2 knit 6
Row 3 C4B, K2
Row 4 knit 6
Repeat rows 1-4 until you reach your desired length.




It’s beena  veritable belfry around here with all the bats I’ve been knitting. I knit them at the pool.


I knit them listening to podcasts (to be fair, this one was for the Cultivate and Create Creepy Crawly Critter Along as well as as a hostess gift).



Knittin’ Little

Over the summer I got to review a collection by the group Knittin’ Little. I was certain I was going to cast on the whale hat. It’s adorable! But when I tried, the yarn just wasn’t having it.

Instead I cast on for the Summer Sunset. I had some appropriate yarn in my stash that wasn’t a color I would wear…but also was a bit bland. So I gently boiled it with some Kool-Aid and ended up with a nice tonal yarn.

A little winding and I had it ready to cast on.

The knitting was pretty straight forward. I opted to omit the lace on the front of the tank. And my first time connecting the “sleeves” to the body got twisted and I had to rip out. But it’s a pretty smooth, easy knit.

And it grew pretty quickly.

And went for a bath and then got laid flat to dry. I wove in the ends pre-soak but didn’t attach the buttons.


Et voila!

I used this to participate in the Knittin’ Little Summer KAL and won a prize! I’ve sent off my address and am awaiting my yarn 🙂

Summer of KALs

Around Santa Barbara school may let out in May or June, but summer and the heat doesn’t really start until mid-July. First you have May Gray then June Gloom, though the afternoons usually brighten up and let some sun in.

On the internet, though, the Summer of KALs is kicking off on May 15! There are a ton, nearly every podcast I listen to or have heard of is hosting one. I’ll admit that most of the ones where you need to track points are beyond my life right now.

But I will be participating in the Down Cellar Studios Splash Pad Party since it’s perfect for smaller projects.

I’m also casting on for Cultivate & Create‘s Cowl KAL with a Fancy Zebra Cowl.

And I hope to find a pattern or two for Actually Knitting‘s PALKAL.

I did just finish a pair of By the Seine River socks that I’ll be triple dipping into 10,o00 stitches Lace Along & Fibre Town‘s Friend Along, as well as She’s Crafty Sock Along.


I got this yarn as part of a Knitted Wit grab bag (you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit) sale. Of the two yarns I got, this wasn’t my favorite, though it is interesting colors. And there were a ton of knots. A ton. So while I like the chance to try out this yarn on a larger project, I don’t know that I’ll be grabbing her grab bag again anytime soon.

Exciting Weekend

We recently had a really exciting weekend (exciting for us, and also relative to all of March and the horrible Influenza A we got despite all having our annual flu shots. And yes, we will continue to get flu shots).

Our family  has been working on restoring a 1965 Field & Stream Camper Trailer. we purchased it two years ago on slightly more than a whim. And since then it has resided in more or less pieces in the drive & garage. And we only have a one car garage.

How, though, does this relate to fiber arts? For one, it’s back together enough that I can now craft at the dinette table. It’s like a little clubhouse in the front yard. That little scramble of a project is the start of a Boo the Bat inspired stuffy for the Legacy Knitz Podcast Stuffy KAL. I’m going to do two, as they are pretty small. And one shall go into my gift box for the 12 Months to Christmas KAL for the Down Cellar Studios Podcast.


And, two, because my job is holding & pushing & more holding, I’m sore in places I didn’t know you could be sore, which makes it hard to knit or crochet!IMG_20160402_095150239_HDR

But wait! There’s more! I also received an awesome prize from YarnPop! I entered a giveaway on Facebook (blech, Facebook) and won. Quite a surprise, especially considering HOW MUCH I won.

And you know what looks good in a vintage camper trailer? A Yarn Pop bag filled with your husband’s black sweater. Yup.

Sock Blockers

Up to this point, I haven’t been much of a sock blocker person. After I wash socks, they go in the drawer, then on my feet. And they get plenty of stretch on my US women’s size 11 feet and fluffy, but strong, ankles.

But my recent foray into the KAL craze has made me aware that some sock photos look, well, a bit flaccid.


So I headed outside & grabbed the jigsaw and some spare wood.

What what! So fun. I have a thick and thin set in my size (women’s larger), a school child size, and a toddler size. Now I want to get knitting ALL THE SOCKS.


My first sock off the needles for my double dipping on the Number 23 KAL & the Purl Bug Cable KAL.