Take Care

As the Knitmore Girls like to say, sometimes KNITTING ATTACKS!

Or in this case, laundry. I got distracted getting loads into the wash. The towels weren’t quite dry so I ran them a little longer and let my now-clean knits languish in the washing machine. Meantime, I got the pug-dirty couch all dismantled.

Do you see what’s coming?

I merrily tossed the disgusting couch covers into the machine, set them on bulky on the hottest setting I could, bumped the cycle up to “really dirty” vs. “normal dirty” and went happily on my way to play with my scroll saw.


See that bit of neon amidst all beige? That’s a sock.

Luckily, I have long known that I am not that great at wash. So I switched to only superwash wool. Sorry, wool purists! The worst of the problems appear to be the velcro sticking to a few socks and the sleeve of my house sweater. Thank goodness the gift socks I’d tossed in got taken out first thing to lay flat & dry.