I knit a female Tomten/Gnome character for a friend for BlogHer. I love the idea of these protective little sprites. And this year I was, once again, faced with what the heck to give my father for Christmas. I decided to embark on yet another Gnome. I love the ones by Alan Dart…but the “I can do that” spirit is strong in me.

Getting started took forever and the little boot/socks sat on my desk for weeks before I made progress.

Then the rest of him came together in a day! I stuffed his body with rocks in a sock so that his little legs could hang off the edge of a shelf and he (hopfully) won’t fall over.

The original plan was to just do the nose and beard and sew the hat down so you couldn’t tell I hadn’t done any face. But as I got going, I just loved the idea of some little eyebrows.

& I gave him a little fringe all the way ’round his little head.


I wasn’t going to knit gifts

I hadn’t intended to knit any gifts this year. And I almost made it. Instead…

I knit two bear hats for some neighbor kids.

14 - 1

I knit three hats for some different neighbors going to England for winter break.

2014-12-10 IMG_20141210_162547151 IMG_20141211_091823020

I knit two hats for friends going through a rough time. I haven’t told them and I have a bad feeling they got lost in the post. Ugh. Hope whoever ends up with them enjoys them.

IMG_20141202_065635569 IMG_20141202_065806527

And, finally, I knit reindeer hats for the husband & I.

IMG_20141202_095817771   IMG_20141216_123427354

And now I’m a little burned out and am taking a few days off.