There is a lot of discussion among the fiber community about “knitworthiness,” that is proper appreciation of a gift (and this could be something other than knit, I just happen to be a knitter) that has taken time and skill and usually, thought for the recipient. To the chagrin of many knitters, a lot of people are not knitworthy (or perhaps, simply don’t like knits, or the knitters style). I’m lucky to have some fantastic knitworthy people in my life that I love knitting for. But this little one totally won me last night. I knit this Alana Dakos Perrenial pattern almost a year ago. And she did as children do and has grown. The hat will go on her head but has become a bit short.


I requested, as I usually do with outgrown objects, that we pass it on. I have a great recipient in mind. A little girl with a French born mother who, as it happens, already has a version of this hat in an adult size.


And she threw a fit. And she woke up sobbing in the middle of the night that she wanted her hat out of the donate bag.


So I did what any knitter would do, I cast on the hat to make it bigger.IMG_20160104_060537583

Unfortunately, she loves the yellow. Well, unfortunately is a bit strong. I’m so glad she loves the hat. But I’m out of yellow. I think I’ll finish the white put it in the gift box. And head of to find more yellow yarn for my little knitworthy girl.